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Feb 7, 2013

introducing the new abby's crafts!


 Hey guys! It's been a while - that's cause I moved! You can read more about it here, but basically I thought a fresh beginning needed to take place. But you guys, you need to come follow me over at my new house! Go, run, run, run your little feet over there and tell me what you think. My design isn't my favorite, but ya know, it's as good as it's gonna get considering the time I'm willing to put into it.

I've only posted twice - shame on me, or good of me, depending on how you look at it - but I'm hoping to grow that little blog of mine. With the new semester I'm focusing more on schoolwork and other off-the-internet things that matter to me, but I do want to devote some time to my blogging and my handmade shop. So anyways, I'm rambling as I tend to do sometimes. Go check it out, guys!

(also - if you're interested in reading + viewing more of my personal life and thoughts, come visit me on my main blog. if not, I'm so thankful and so blessed and so EXCITED to see you over on my new crafting blog! thank you all so much. it's really a huge blessing to have you in my life.
I can get even cheesier than that, if you want.)

x, a


Libbie Doyle said...

Your headband is adorable! I just started a new blog called Blogs by kids which highlights bloggers 18 & under...I was hoping to come across a blogger with a god etsy shop & I peeked at yours & Love it! I'd like to do a feature about you & your etsy shop if you don't mind! I will also link to your blog which ever one you would like.

Please email me at if that would be alright & please let me know whish blog you would like me to link to. THANKS!


Happie Reading said...

you should definitely blog more! love this headband! so happy to have stumbled across your blog, its adorable! ANNDDD i am your newest follower hey hey! Hope you can stop by mine sometime!

xo, Kelsey Belle

abby said...

Happie Reading - thanks! I've been posting semi-frequently over on my new blog, I don't post here anymore. :-)

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